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Hello folks,              You’ve heard that correctly! The Great Gatsby  is coming to the island this weekend and bringing a special prize for everyone who attends! When: 2:00 EST Saturday Where:Server Sandbox We hope to see everyone there wearing their fanciest clothes! WaddleOn!      - CPRemastered Team
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Howdy Penguins,   Coming this MAY to our snowy island a marvelous onetime semi takeover event. Featuring one of your favorite people in the community. Any ideas who it is? Are you excited for this marvelous time? Waddle On, BuddyCrafted!

What’s New? Games, Features, and More! #1

Howdy Penguins,   These last few months we have been working on Remastering multiple features of the game. In addition to adding new features that make your experience much more enjoyable. These features consist of ScreenShot, and the Interface Switcher.  The ScreenShot feature is accessible on the top right of your screen. This allows you to take screen shots and share them with your friends!   To use click the camera, and follow the process to produce a picture. You have the option to either download the image or view it online! Another new feature is known as the interface switcher. This gives you the option to switch from an interface with the blue bar, or a more modern transparent one. It’s a nifty feature that helps you the user get the ability to customize the game to your liking. The long awaited Sled Racing has been released and is ready for you to play! Our next project is another popular multiplayer game involving Ninjas! Not to mention massive bug fixes arou

Anniversary Frenzy

Howdy Penguins,  This month will one year since Club Penguin Remastered opened it's doors to the public! In the beginning everything was new for penguins to explore. Bugs were being squashed in millions of different ways, not to mention it was empty!   Considering open beta was over the course of six months there may have not been a lot of things going on physically in-game, but there were a lot of things going on behind the scenes. This process consisted of hundreds of improvements to things such as security the website, login page, blog, in addition to the game itself.   Not only was there game development going on, but the development of our community! This year we have met so many interesting people from all over the world. To all the people who have also left the community this year we would like to say thank you for taking part in this new adventure. To Uri2000 Specifically; Thank you for everything with out you our game wouldn't be what it is today! To you the

Welcome to our new blog!

As you can see we recently got a blog! There isn’t much to post about at the current moment, but big updates will be posted here. Get ready for CPRM!!!